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Air Transport

Having been awarded the licence for Air Freight & Cargo Services based on the rules and regulations of the Civil Aviation Organization, and relying on more than a quarter of a century of successful experience in the market, its proven capability, and a seasoned team of experts in air transport, KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. managed to meet the requirements of the market as well as its valuable clients, and is among the credible and avant-garde companies to provide import/export services in various fields of business. Entrust your sensitive and valuable goods with us and rest assured that we will ensure their transportation anywhere around the globe as quickly as possible.

- Executing tailor-made and exclusive long-term contracts with top domestic and international airliners.
- Employing professional and top-class representatives in extensive networks of international air transport and logistics.
- From the initial preparation stage to final delivery at the destination, we provide quick, safe, and secure services from end to end.
- Providing a vast range of services to different industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cellulose, medical equipment, cosmetics, personal hygiene, industrial and agriculture in the shortest span of time.
- Our air transport and logistics experts are IATA-certified and have extensive experience transporting various refrigerated, sensitive, and perishable products. With their sincere cooperation with our trade partners, all international laws and regulations are adhered to, eliminating every hassle.
- We have set ourselves the goal of providing services while minimising delivery time, transit, and logistical costs in the supply chain and, ultimately, reducing the costs of our trade partners and clients.

Values & Policy of Air Transport Division

- Trying to determine the needs of the clients & provide them with smart services
- Sincere collaboration and constructive dialogue with clients, other vendors, and trade partners to work together and build synergy
- Commitment to moral and professional standards together with sincerity and transparency
- Recruitment, development, and promotion of necessary skills among valuable human resources
- Following the organization's policies regarding quality, safety, health, and the environment, and trying to improve processes continuously to maintain and promote the quality of services with a focus on upholding the organization's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Our Services & Advantages

- Offering various transport services and air logistics in different trade dealings such as importation, exportation, temporary importation & exportation in general and specific services for exhibition consignments, dispatch of parts to repair, and returning consignments
- We enjoy having an extensive network of representatives in more than 40 countries throughout the world which enables us in offering better services to our clients
- Far-East countries viz. China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines.
- Arab nations namely UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Central Asian nations like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan
- Caucasian countries like Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia
- Middle East countries like Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq
- European countries like Germany, France, England, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary
- Other countries like Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya
- Customs formalities in the country of origin, transit countries, airport customs are all completely managed by us
- The transport of goods from Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) to all domestic and border customs offices, Free Trade Zones, or Special Economic Zones in less than 48 working hours
- We offer additional services required in airport & logistics in countries of origin/countries of destination, including packaging, labelling, sorting, palletizing, and warehousing services to store and distribute consignments cleared from customs such as food and beverages, machinery parts, and components.
- We also do the consolidation, weighing, packaging, and palletizing of exported consignments in warehouses under the direct management of KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. in the vicinity of IKA and other towns in Iran, and to numerous destinations, such as Germany (Nuremburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg), France (Paris), Italy (Milan, Trieste), Spain (Madrid), England (London), Austria (Vienna), Turkey (Istanbul, Mersin), South Korea (Seoul), China (Shanghai, Beijing), India, UAE, Oman, Malaysia, and Iraq, Azerbaijan (Baku), Georgia (Tbilisi), and Uzbekistan (Tashkent).

- The experts stationed in our airport office at IKA accompany our clients and offer assistance for everything.
- Easy and direct access to our team of aviation professionals, available round-the-clock to assist our customers
- Delivery of warehouse receipts to clients within the confines of a working day during business hours
- Clearance of clients' goods at IKA for import shipments or export shipments
- Offering door-to-door express services for both small and large goods and consignments
- Shipping of hazardous, perishable, chilled, and sensitive goods with the aid of reputable Iranian insurance firms who offer transport insurance and commodities services
- Consolidation and deconsolidation of consignments to obtain the most affordable shipping quotes from airlines and lower the client’s shipping costs
- Offering combined air-road transportation to save wait time and cost
- Using safety checklists to obtain the necessary assurances regarding the complete compliance of documents with consignments and transport conditions in the countries of the itinerary and the country of destination, as well as compliance with shipment conditions based on the rules and regulations of air transport to decrease the risk of detention and improve the transit time for shipments
- Periodical and continuous review to improve the processes and optimizing with other services and methods of air transport, making effort to comply air transport procedures with quality and environment standards
- Commissioning our expert personnel in air transport division to manage and handle the affairs of our key clients and to provide them with regular service
- Tracing possibility and collecting data of consignment position from loading time of the goods to its delivery at the warehouse and the goods receipt at IKA using an exclusive and integrated software for company transport management
- Obtaining Quality Health Safety Environment certificates for ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ISO 45001 (QHSE)
- Making use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to capture and store the data needed by clients to speed up the response process