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Environment & Tele-Working


Tele-working can be as effective and efficient as working in the office. It can turn to become a culture based on increasing creativity and improvement of comprehensive incapability in our country. We consider tele- working not only as an opportunity for ourselves but also as a historic experience.
After the outbreak of Covie-19, tele-working is something necessary, having prepared suitable ground for employing and promotion of software and hardware capabilities, KNS Co. has managed to preserve:
the quality of its services
its working outcome
experience a noticeable reduction of its personnel presence in our office location,
and to have a small share in promotion of its working interactions with its clients




Measures taken by KNS Co. in addition to legal requirements to confront Coronavirus in order to preserve its staff health are as follows:
- Formation of a safeguarding group to monitor the health status of our colleagues and its clienteles, registration of those infected and pursuing the status of those who were infected to coronavirus, preparing and publishing necessary executive instructions in KNS location with consulting the trusted doctor
- Preparing necessary ground to fulfill the assigned tasks of colleagues through tele-working as of March 2020
- Setting a new phone system called sip-trunk (via phone numbers 021-72934 & 021 2201 2201 ) to facilitate online communications with clients, experts, contractors, and colleagues on tele-working on the Internet basis
- Creation of virtual logistic networks (APN network) from March 21, 2021 exploiting national Intranet within a virtual private network through its nationwide branches and making effort to utilize virtual atmosphere to perform majority of the Company’s activities to reduce the physical presence of clients at the Company’s location
- Flexibility of business hours at the Company in order to reduce the traffic during rush hours
- Holding regular and periodic meetings in order to review and improve the processes and making coordination concerning current affairs of the Company at its location through video conference using S.F. Business and MS Team
- Procurement and using equipment, tools and necessary items in order to improve the operational process in line with the promotion of productivity aimed at reducing the necessity of presence of staff at working location
- Continuous measures to update different plans under special conditions with an approach to use experts’ meetings and drafting several scenarios to identify problems and how to deal with them during probable crises in general and during Covid-19 pandemic in particular. The following plans can be mentioned:
• Disaster Recovery Plan
• Business Continuity Plan
• Contingency Plan
• Fallback Plan
• Procurement of training and planning panels in order to review operational processes during long term breaks
• Controlling the health of staff families in order to prevent the physical presence of those who have symptoms at working location until their full recovery
• Information dissemination and updating clients with the latest status as well as transport restrictions, review and offering the best proposals of shipment to clients regarding the existing conditions
• Providing service and cooperating with other units and personnel on 24/7 (even during the official holidays of the country)
- Boosting agility and employing active monitoring measures such as reviewing processes in document and financial exchanges with clients and contractors in order to reduce and limit traffic in the city.