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Timetabled Services


As a member of a global transport network, we are assigned to offer special services for transport of project consignments.
Having enjoyed an experienced management team, seasoned specialist engineers in logistics as well as having updated and advanced equipment for special consignments, KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. provides the followings:
- Consultancy services in logistics and installation of special parts
- Identifying and in case of necessity, choosing the best method to implement the transport operation
- Operation planning and designing
- Obtaining necessary authorization from public offices and related organs
- Equipment Mobilization
- Port Services
- Customs Services
- Transport of Consignments
- Discharging and stationing at pre-planned location of project

Being Present in Strategic Locations



The modality how to be present in key locations is one of the success elements to carry out projects. Being in strategic locations, observing international standards, having capabilities and facilities there provides exclusive, unique and qualified services.

KALA NAVGAN SHARGH presence in economic- strategic locations

Jabal Ali, UAE

Basra, Iraq
Akaltin, Uzbekistan
Meresin, Turkey
Bandar Abbass Port, Iran