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Rail Transport

Access to the international railway network throughout the country.
Having continuous interaction with the rail system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and other capable companies in this field, KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. has high potential in rail transport. Our company is active in all the railway networks and main stations of the country and plays a major role in the field of container shipment from Bandar Abbass Port to various customs of the country as well as transit shipment from Sarakhs and other ports to all railway stations of the country and vice versa.




Import, Export, & Transit


 Our railway team provides necessary operations to you for import, export, and transit to and from different countries through rail ways. Our rail services are mainly provided in Central Asian countries (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Syria, China, and also Eastern and Western European countries. Being active in these regions for several years has added an abundance of working experience to us.



Our Assistance from A to Z


 At KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co., we stand by you in all rail transport stages. All operations (including supply of high-sided, low-sided, flat, side-wall, and roofed railcars), taking necessary authorizations, and provision of required documents (SMGS, B/L coupons of customs guarantee) are done by us before shipment is commenced. Specialized shipment with different types of waggons (Russian & Ordinary wagons), Block Train Application, traceability during the shipment process is taken care of.
Other services such as insurance by reliable insurance companies, inspection, safe and secure unloading, as well as advanced warehousing after shipment can also be provided to our valuable customers.




Why Rail Service?


 High volume and capacity are the most important factors for rail transportation.
This division of our services has already provided and planned for the shipment of large,bulky, heavy, and numerous items. This will result in the reduction of shipment costs of goods and, naturally, the reduction of overcharges to our valuable customers. Due to Iran’s geographical conditions as well as the rail network of the country, textile industries and raw materials, particularly in the CIS (Commonwealth Independent Countries) located in Central Asia and South Russia have the largest demand for this type of transport. Our expertise is mostly centred on rail transportation of cotton, oil seeds, iron ore, and sulphur.