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Port & Terminal

Spacious Area & Various Operations in Terminal



We offer port services in all ports throughout Iran (Bandar Abbass, Bushehr, Khorramshahr, etc.) with the highest quality and most spacious area. For example, at Shahid Rajaei Port, KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co.’s sister company namely CTS has a terminal with an area of 110000 Sq. meter consisting of 15000 Sq. meter (Food Grade Warehouse) of totally covered warehouse with a maximum height of 18 meter, suitable to keep foodstuffs, its capacity 10000 TEU to reduce the costs and charges of our customers. To facilitate our services and promote our safety, the terminal is equipped with a 300meter exclusive rail way connected to the nationwide and

international rail way networks.


Our Expertise in Warehousing & Transport


We also offer to our customers warehousing services and transport of goods with different trucks (including tilt, articulated and bogie) from our exclusive terminal to container yard of customs and vice versa, various types of container transport and non-container transport including bulk coli and conventional shipments.
To expedite our transport services and facilitate weighing of consignments, KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. uses its own weighbridge stationed in our terminal. We also offer Stowage, Stacking and sorting operations.


Professional unloading and loading services



 At KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co., we offer services on Discharging and Loading for export / transit consignments as part of our port services to customers. In case containers need to be repaired or cleaned, our specialized terminal section provides such a top class service in the shortest span of time to our customers.

Updated Various Port Services





Offering new port services require modern equipment. We have the following facilities and installations to provide best port services to our customers:
- dock – platform area, spacious warehouse plus 2000 Sq. meters of administration offices
- different types of port strategic equipment such as Reach Stacker, Side Lifter, Lift Truck with a range of various tonnages
- Port Terminal Truck, 60-tons weighbridge connected to the nationwide customs network in Shahid Rajaei Special Economic Zone,
- exclusive diesel generator to generate power
- recruiting the HSE and security experienced team,
-exercising periodic drills for day/night fire brigades and security guards, insource, fire-extinguishing and full alarming equipment, first aids, water tank with 300000 liters of capacity for logistics of fire extinguishing network (at terminal level), 2 fire engines
To minimize the risk of damage and harm your goods to zero, we have attachment and professional equipment for Discharging and Loading of consignments as follows:
- Paper Roll Clamp Attachment to discharge and loading of import / export consignments like paper rolls
- Bale Clamp Hands to handle consignments whose package are in bales like cotton and linter
- Side Clamp Hand for large cartons in discharging / loading operations of home appliance consignments heavier than 23 Kgs.
- Fork Mounted Drum Lifter for Discharge, Loading, Stowage and transport of barrel consignments that accelerates the speed, accuracy and safety
- Conveyor belt for discharge / loading of bag consignment and small cartons
- Bagging Machine for filling and bagging of bulk consignments in 25 – 50 Kgs bags
- Push Pull (limited used equipment in Iran). Wooden, plastic and metal pallets can be replaced with laminated sheets of cardboards to increase loading capacity in vans and trucks and thus reduce the store costs
- Dock Leveler to facilitate the discharge consignments from trailers