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The corridor how to join us?
Qualification is our top criteria to recruit new colleagues. Fulfilling our pledges on social responsibilities and upgrading the quality of life are among other criteria at KALA NAVGAN SHARGH. Thus, we consider flourishment of talented staff and promotion of their motivation as major concerns of senior managers in KALA NAVGAN SHARGH.

Our Strategy to recruit gifted human resources
Recruiting the gifted, motivated and disciplined applicants after interview
Flourishing their talent and developing their skills & knowledge to provide qualitative service and value creation
Monitoring their progress & assessing their promotion based on meritocracy
Providing regular supplementary courses & development of personal skills at different levels of organization are among measures of Human Resources
Appropriate methods and new management mechanisms are used to attract the best applicants & to collect views and ideas of all colleagues, thus turn the organization to one of the most important instruments for interactive management.
Evaluation of qualifications & merits are made on the basis of performance assessment of human resources, BSC & improvement of performance as well as skills are evaluated and monitored periodically.
Interested applicants for cooperation are welcome to send their C.V. to us through following link:

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