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Engineering & Consultancy


Reduce your costs


Having always a hand on the job on various projects you may reduce your cost and by getting our the experiences shared . It can save your hidden costs of the method and mode of transport, warehousing, etc. At KALA NAVGAN SHARGH, we rely on our experience and our management of exploiting capabilities and equipment to provide services to our customers in a way that we have the least error in our estimation of costs.

Calculation Know-how


Our engineering team gives to our valuable customers lashing, safety of goods, vehicles assessment, required driving forces calculation and ultimately risk assessment.

Leave the Transport of your Valuable Goods to Us


Transport of a consignment from a country of origin to country of destination may seem to be an easy job but quantity of consignments and difference in weight and type of goods are of great importance.
We provide the most suitable vehicle, review the itineraries of transport, study of ports, suitable timetable and various planning to offer quick, in the meantime, cost effective services.


We offer to you professional warehousing through our consultancy



 There are many options as your logistics partner to choose and we believe to be the right choice among the existing options.


We stand by you in every stage as follows:


- Renting and buying store, location, application with an optimum area
- Construction and renovation of store considering relevant factors on its ceiling, building, temperature and humidity
- Supply and equip all necessary machinery and facilities
- Observing safety standards under QHSE
- Obtaining necessary authorizations while updating your systems
- Recruiting, training and promoting human resources for warehousing