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Kala Navgan Shargh was established in Tehran in 1995 and with over 27 years of successful experience in the transport and logistics industry, is known as a leading and credible company. As a reliable and agile partner and consultant, we strive to design and provide desirable services in accordance with the needs of our valuable clients by:


-    Showing flexibility in the face of changes in the business environment
-    Being versatile, innovative, and creative in our comprehensive services
-    Reviewing and continuous improving our logistics processes


Kala Navgan Shargh celebrated its 27th anniversary while having made valuable experiences and technical capabilities in the international transport and logistics industry an integral part of the company. Years of fruitful activity and innovation in the field of international transport and the provision of services with a novel view of logistics concepts, are honours that today, as a leading and credible company in economic activities, allow us to guarantee commitment, agility, quality, and assurance in our services to our business partners.


Kala Navgan Shargh, with more than 350 skilled personnel and their continuous empowerment, strives to provide services with the lowest price, highest quality, and most important of all, alignment with its client needs, in line with current technical knowledge and the use the latest managerial and safety standards. These are services that are continuously reviewed and enhanced for the systematic reduction of costs and increase of efficiency.


Kala Navgan Shargh Staff


We are committed to providing quality and top-level services to our business partners, in an organisation in which professionalism, transparency, and accountability are institutionalised,


Our belief in honesty, and prioritising legal requirements, rich local cultures, and professional qualifications, enable us to, while empowering human capital and investing in strategic logistics areas, have constructive and effective relationships with organisations and other establishments based in ports, customs, borders, and international airports in our country. These, in turn, allow us to provide and design services in accordance with the needs of our clients,


Years of cooperation and interaction with large international companies with diverse cultures from all over the world, have helped us in the implementation of the latest standards and the acquisition of certificates related to management and service quality.


Our honest companion guarantees your success.