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Sea Transport

 Sea transport is considered as one of the main means of transport in the Supply Chain Network. As one of the avant-garde companies in this field, we offer you our robust solutions for sea transport and logistical services to meet your requirements.
"Our objective is to provide effective services, in line with your trade priorities and realisation of your goals."
Our expert and experienced team at KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co.'s sea import/export division believes in and adheres to professional principles throughout all logistical and shipment processes with the highest standards and precise planning.
Our team fulfils its commitments and stands by you from A to Z to meet the satisfaction of our valuable customers. Part of the professional principles in which we do believe is as follows:
• Customer-orientation and planning based on our customers’ priorities
• Meeting our customers’ demands and requirements and create values
• Cooperation, sympathy, interaction with customers and service suppliers
• Protecting and safeguarding our customers’ confidentiality
• Promotion and updating our staff's know-how as well as professional commitments in the sea transport division of our company
• Relying on our human resources, emphasising skill development, professional and ethical principles
• Adherence to our company's quality policies, continuous process improvement, and meeting our commitments along with maintaining Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and value creation in services
• Making sure about the requirements of Integrated Quality Management System, Quality Health Safety Environment (QHSE) based on ISO standards (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ISO 45001)

Having enjoyed the cooperation of our professional representatives, and our widespread international network, we can offer all privileged and top class logistical as well as sea transport (import/export, sea transit, trans-shipment) and other related services including domestic and international transit, loading, and unloading services, customs consultancy, warehousing, etc. at the most competitive prices and highest quality.

The Services and Advantages of Sea Transport

 With our widespread international network, and expert logistical teams in sea transport in all our branches we ensure all the below:

• Cooperation and strategic relationships with top-tier and carefully selected shipping lines and companies.
• Sincere and effective cooperation with trade partners and making sure of meeting the required conditions, compliance of consignments and documents with laws and regulations pertaining to domestic and international sea transport, as well as sanctions restrictions before the delivery of consignments to minimise the risk of their detention.
• Easy access to the experts of the sea transport division round-the-clock (7/24) to respond to valuable customers and assigning seasoned and experienced staff to manage the queries of special and key customers
• Using our exclusive and user-friendly CRM software LOGISWIFT to expedite the response to customers, to keep documents updated and inform our customers of the status of consignments granting anytime access online

• Sea transport to and from all important and active ports throughout the world, including the Persian Gulf region (UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, etc.), China (Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, and Qingdao), India, Southeast Asia (Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.), Central Asia, Europe (Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.), and Canada (Ottawa).
• Provision of all direct sea transport services, trans-shipment, cross-stuffing, from seller’s ex-warehouse to buyer’s ex-warehouse, port to port with different container types (dry cargo, Ro-Ro, ISO Tank Flat Rock, open top, high cube, etc.); of bulk, dangerous, refrigerated, perishable, foodstuffs, medical equipment, industrial, agricultural, construction, sports, contractual and project, voluminous (beyond the weight and dimensions of normal shipment) consignments in all itineraries and ports with high quality

• Offer domestic and international transit services at inland customs, free trade zones, or special economic regions, and fast delivery of warehouse receipts
• Consolidation and division of maritime bills of lading
• Having a stationed and exclusive area with the necessary facilities to deliver all logistical operations (unloading, loading, warehousing, cross-docking, etc.) in various ports of the Middle East and Mediterranean, such as:
• Shahid Rejaei, Special Economic Zone of Bandar Abbas Port
• Jabal Ali Free Trade Area in Dubai, UAE
• Basra Port, Iraq
• Mersin Free Port, Turkey
• Preparatory and keeping of consignments (lashing, fixing & re-packing, packing)
• Providing logistical services, warehousing and distribution, and warehousing services at Bandar Abbass Port terminal in order to depo goods with a variety of and up-to-date equipment
• Organizing coordination for Cargo Inspection (inspection and supervision of qualitative and quantitative checks of goods)
• Coordination for insurance
• Customs formalities/customs related services, Verified Gross Mass
• Offering Customs Clearance of Goods