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Land – Road Transport

If you're looking for a solid and dependable business partner in land transportation and logistics, Count on us.

We work to understand the goals and needs of our esteemed clients and to fulfil our role as an effective business partner in the international logistics and land transport areas. We are encouraged and supported in this effort by a skilled workforce in our land transport division. We take advantage of every chance to add value, engage in genuine conversation, and work effectively toward the goals of worthwhile programmes to deliver your goods and products to their destination in accordance with instructions and necessary requirements as quickly as possible and in complete safety.

In our land transport sector at KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co., we have created a favourable environment for global transportation, logistics, and meticulous planning for all your trade activities.
We have always focused on and made the following principles as the foundation of our land transportation activities:
- To fulfil our promises and deliver on our commitments to our clients and our society, which are centred on corporate social responsibilities (CSR)
- To adhere to all international transportation guidelines for commodities
- To speed up the review, implementation, and development of compiled procedures
- To provide creative and smart solutions
- Effective and prompt response to business environment opportunities and challenges

Why Road Transport?



Given the current limitations on international land transport, such as the diversity and evolution of laws and diverse local practises in many nations, it is probable that unforeseen difficulties would arise in land transportation. KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. has been able to identify and provide efficient solutions for such challenges by deploying experienced and knowledgeable teams in various regions of Iran and itinerary countries along with the shipment and transit of goods, as well as by utilising the support of its extensive representation network in European nations as well as Turkey.
We have overcome obstacles in the land transportation sector by relying on innovative services, employing fresh, cutting-edge methods and approaches, and investing in new infrastructure and technology. For the sake of our esteemed customers and business partners, we always consider ourselves accountable and responsible.

Our Land Transport Achievements


- Since 2004, we have transported and delivered more than 50000 consignments by international land transport, including a variety of goods and products that were imported, exported, and in transit from several European nations and Turkey.
- Offering services to more than 5000 importer/exporter businesses nationwide, including cooperatives, service and engineering firms, sports federations, and producers
- Variety in shipments of goods and consignments from various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, cellulose, medical supplies, cosmetics, sports and health
- Offering a variety of services, combining, overlapping them to create and implement integrated transportation services, such as land, air, sea, and rail transport, while adhering to the regulations and laws governing international goods transit
- Obtaining Quality Health Safety Environment certificates for ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001. (QHSE)
- Despite difficult circumstances affecting the supply chain, such as the imposition of international sanctions, economic constraints, and the Covid-19 outbreak and border closures, we have continued to fulfil our promises to our precious clients.
- Over the course of the period, our knowledgeable and sharp minded experts in the land transport sector have suggested alternate approaches, routes, and solutions in the least amount of time to logistically support our clients

Advantages of Land Transport


Reduced logistic costs of shipment;
At KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co., we are committed to provide the most cost-effective operational-commercial solutions in land transport while fully adhering to all land transport rules and regulations, as well as customary and agreed procedures. We fulfil our obligations through practising supervision, control, coordination, and reporting at every stage of land transport, from origin to transit itinerary and destination. Information is available to our clients transparently and precisely through communication channels or directly from our exclusive integrated management systems on international transport which is continuously updated.
All consignments are governed by the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Land (CMR) from the point of origin to the point of destination as stipulated in the documents under the CMR Convention.

Generation of Tailor-made Reports:

• Primary measures including coordination with the
• Announcement of the readiness of the vehicle to load forwarder and preparing the vehicle according to the timetable
• Informing:
The timetable for the A to Z loading procedure
Customs operations are completed at the consignment loading point.
Starting time of the loaded vehicle
Transit date to go through the Iranian border
Arrival and unloading dates at the destination customs
Uploading of documents required for shipment of goods at the point of origin, transit itinerary or destination

Our Network to Provide Facilitation

Network of representations and exclusive warehouses in Europe, Turkey, and Iran. Our service network with its experienced representatives is ready to offer land transport in Europe, Turkey, Caucasia and Central Asian countries. Having logistical terminals and exclusive warehouses in Europe and Iran at its disposal, the group of companies affiliated with KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. has the capability to keep goods and offer by-services corresponding to the latest standards to its valuable customers. Our offices in Germany (also coordinating the shipments from Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Spain and Poland), Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, England, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan are ready to provide their guaranteed services .

Having such an extensive and widespread network of numerous representations enables us to control and supervise all shipped consignments from points of origin to points of destination, and thus to give necessary assurances as well as peace of mind to our valuable customers.
It is worth mentioning that employing the Iranian fleet, using regular and direct services, without any x-docking and trans-shipment, is among our competitive advantages to our customers that have made us capable of maintaining the good condition of the shipped goods and also reducing costs and duration of transport.

Follow-up & Access

Our customers may have round-the-clock information about the geographical position of their consignments because our trucks and lorries are equipped with GPS. Our accountable personnel, from local and foreign experts to experienced drivers have offered peace of mind and access to our valuable customers. Having employed advanced technologies as well as systematic and innovative IT solutions to track the consignment, our customers can apply more effective supervision and planning to their goods.

Other one-stop services that can be provided for the import, export, and transit of goods at origin and destination are listed below:
• Shipment of goods with tilt, flatbed, and low-bed trucks, heavy and super heavy consignment with special vehicles and equipment
• Easy and direct access to experts of the land transport division round-the-clock, and ready to answer valuable clients' questions
• Fast delivery of warehouse receipts
• Shipment of dangerous, refrigerated, sensitive and perishable consignments
• We offer cargo insurance through reliable Iranian insurance companies.
• Combined air-land transport to save time and cost
• To assure the customers of full compliance of the documents with the rules and regulations of the countries of itinerary as well as destination to reduce all risks and extra costs
• Continuous review of services to improve the processes, synchronise all services and methods of air-land shipment to comply with qualitative and environmental standards
• Warehousing and distribution of goods
• Terminal Services
• Packing and Repacking Services
• Sampling and Sorting Services