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No Consignment is Big Enough Not to be Transported!


Sometimes the road traffic regulations limits the over weight and size consignments move the roads. Special Cargo section in KALA NAVGAN SHARGH deals with the transport of Over Weight / Over Size consignments like petrochemical boilers, wind turbine blades or cement furnace towers,.... Big organizations, firms, and public offices can comfortably leave the transport of their Over Size / Over Weight to us.

Valuable Goods Reach to Destinations without any Concern


Special consignments with high value are of great concern and sensitivity. Value of consignments like Formula-1 sports cars, or historical monuments are certainly priceless. In the meantime, such consignments have political, cultural and historical value as well as sensitivity. Yet, with technology advancement, and to boost quality and output of industrial units, Over Size /Over Weight parts are manufactured whose consolidated (integrated) transport is also a vital part of any project. We are professional in transporting such consignments.


Designing, Programing & Implementing


Transport of Over Size consignments requires updated expertise in ways and means of the world, and know-how in logistic and programing.
For example, in logistic of some regional major international projects, construction and setting up of oil and gas refineries, dam-construction, construction of solar plants , thermal or hydro power plants that KALA NAVGAN SHARGH was responsible to implement, the following operations were covered:
- International / domestic Sea, Land, Road, Rail, Air, Combined Rail, from different countries throughout the world
- Providing warehouses or terminals to manage the storage and handling of consignments in countries of itinerary to receive, maintain, provision of value added services, consolidation and /or forwarding consignments
- Planning and transport management of consignments of large volume and quantity in a short period under certain peripheral and atmospheric conditions
- Stationing of an independent team of QHSE to monitor the full observance of local, international, organizational and contractual legal requirements along itinerary and transit countries, terminals and project site
- Road survey to identify and verify the latest trafficable road , the changes, dimensional barriers and limitations,… on the bridges and roads in overland transportation for over size and weight consignments
- Obtaining necessary authorizations and road permits from concerned offices and organs in origin, transit and destination countries
- Inspection of the consignment in Ports, Border Customs offices, local and international transport itineraries, terminals and project sites
- Carrying out necessary studies and reviews by engineering team and construction of frontage routes and by-passes to facilitate the passage of consignments heavier than defined capacity of bridges and roads
- Modeling and designing of transport for very heavy consignments and equipment (with lengths more than 60 meters, width more than 10 meters and height more than 6 meters)
- Supply of machines for discharging / loading of special equipment for transport of consignments with various and unusual dimensions and weight such as:
- Providing Hydraulic Axle Modular Trailer (HAMT)
- Self- Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs)
- Prime Movers
- Gantry Cranes up to 1000 tons
- Crawler Cranes with high capacities up to 2500 tons
- Bridges
- Dallies
Our experience in KALA NAVGAN SHARGH is to offer the best operational methods for transport of sensitive consignments and complicated projects.