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Logistics Serving the National Interests

Preserving national interests is among the most important components of value creation in
providing valuable logistical services to clients. Having quite a different interpretation of updated concepts of logistics and employing our knowledge and experiences as well as realization and continuous improvement of operational processes, At KNS Co. we make our best effort to reduce logistical costs and achieve the following objectives for our trade partners:
Objectives such as:
- Reduction of shipment transit time in supply chain
- Management and reduction of fossil fuels consumption
- Reduction of atmospheric pollutants through operations planning
- Investment on regional port hub concentrating on reduction of fuel consumption
Likewise, we have made efforts to minimize a part of our experience through mutual cooperation with software developers, documentation and safeguarding to play even a small and effective role aimed at realization and constant improvement of operational and organizational processes as well as knowledge management and its documentation at the organization.
The cooperation has come to fruition in various following fields and through interaction with software developers:
- International transport
- Logistics
- Remote Smart Training via insourced LMS online services
- Development of the Assessment of human resource performance software based on BSC pattern
- Administrative (office) automation
- Online monitoring Repair & maintenance of equipment system
- Purchase & Supply management system

We believe through sharing these experiences with developing of software related to logistics and transport fields, we have played a small role in our social commitments.