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KALA NAVGAN SHSARGH Co. has laid the foundation of its business plan (process) on the following principles and values & keeps optimizing them:

Customer Centric Approach
Professional & Moral commitment towards Value Creation that means offering smart and valuable services, to deliver our pledges to our customers, society and Corporate Social Responsibility
Meritocratic Culture aimed at creating effective relations as well as devoted interaction with credible customers of the organization focused on:
Attraction of valuable & efficient talents and human resources
Educating human resources and Development of their skills such leadership, strategic way of thinking, creativity & innovation, responsibility and result orientation
Making effort to turn the organization into a learning one
Agility concentrated on the following objectives:
Preventive measures & effective reaction against opportunities & challenges of business environment
Rapid implementation of processes already approved
Assessment, Revision and continuous improvement of processes having regarded conditions and changes of business environment

Our Assignment
As a reliable trade partner and encouraged with a team of committed and efficient specialists, having enjoyed a broad and extensive network of global logistics, with innovations based on the latest and most updated technology, KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. has the pleasure to accompany its clients in different economic fields by top class services on international transportation (by Air, by Sea, by Road & by Rail), logistics, warehousing as well as distribution of goods.

As an agile and reliable corporate in the fields of Logistical Supply Chain KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. has set its target to be among the top three logistical companies in the Middle East within the coming five years through increasing its market share, clients’ satisfaction and promotion of creativity in a way that its name couples with (associates with) quality and innovation at the national logistical industry.

Customer Orientation, Professional & Moral Commitment to Value Creation, Meritocratic Culture and Agility

Policy Making
Policy Making on Quality, Safety, Health and Environment
KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. enjoys having quality integrated management system, health, safety and environment based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. The Management guarantees to have fully understood and enforce the above standards as an important part of the Company’s Culture and business methods.
The Management of KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. commits himself to abide by the following principles:
Compliance with laws, regulations and requirements relevant to quality, health, safety and environment,
Offering targeted (smart) solutions, providing top (world) class service to clients as an accountable & responsible company
Outlining objectives & plans concerning quality, health, safety, environment, result assessment, periodic revision, continuous improvement on processes and service quality to meet clients’ satisfaction
Adhering to Development of Human Resources
Preventing diseases & Occupational Injuries
Minimizing Unpleasant Effects on Environment & Its Protection through;
Preventing Environmental Pollutions
Management of Natural Resources
Controlling the Emission of Atmospheric Pollutants
Reduction & Recycling of Wastes
All staff of KALA NAVGAN SHARGH Co. were addressees of the above standards to observe and practice

Payman Nabavi Farahmand
Managing Director